Health Care for America Now! – CBO: Republicans and Right-Wing Media Spreading Falsehoods on ACA Costs

If you only got your news from the right-wing media, you might think the Congressional Budget Office’s report last week on the Affordable Care Act meant that the bill cost more than it was originally expected to — a lot more. But the fact is, and as Talking Points Memo pointed out last week, the GOP and their media machine has grossly distorted the facts:

CBO still holds that the law reduces the deficit by billions of dollars over 10 years. That’s just not in this report.

The CBO doesn’t often call politicians and pundits out when they purposefully misinterpret what the office says. The office is tasked with providing completely non-partisan information and research to Congress, and doesn’t involve itself in the political spin machine. That’s why when it posts this on its blog

Some of the commentary on those reports has suggested that CBO and JCT have changed their estimates of the effects of the ACA to a significant degree. That’s not our perspective…

it is kind of a big deal.

Read the full story here.


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